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Play as a Dog helping families cross the road to visit their friends and relatives! Run around and bark at them to make sure they don't hold up traffic.

# How to play & Rules

Move with WASD or Arrow Keys
Bark at people with Spacebar

Keep the Happiness Meter above the threshold until the timer runs out. People gain happiness by reaching their destination or petting you if you stay close. But they do not like getting honked or barked at!

Old Men speed up when barked at; Children pause temporarily.
Stand next to a human to make them Pet the Dog!
(Petting Dogs Increases Happiness)

Project source at https://gitlab.com/cybos/gwj-24

# Team Composition and Credits

- HexenMapper: music & audio (https://hexenmapper.itch.io)
- JestemStefan: 3D art, additional programming (https://jestemstefan.itch.io)
- Munro: game design, planning (https://munromunro.itch.io)
- VikFro: lead programming, coordination (https://vikfro.itch.io)

Install instructions

download the archive corresponding to your OS, extract files, launch the executable


windows.zip 85 MB
Family Traffic-King MacOS.zip 88 MB
linux.zip 86 MB

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